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tulo vs tuft and needle mattress review

Tulo vs Tuft and Needle Mattress

In this review we have two inexpensive mattresses from big name brands, so who wins between Tuft and Needle and Tulo?

Narrowed down your mattress search to Tulo and Tuft & Needle, but can’t seem to nail down the important differences between the two? In this post, we discuss firmness options, feel, price, and more. Ultimately, we are looking for which is the better budget foam mattress.
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Tulo is an affordable all-foam mattress with a slight memory foam feel and three firmness options.
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Shop NowTuft & Needle is a popular (perhaps the most popular) inexpensive bed sold online. And for good reason—the bed is comfy and highly accomodating.

Before we get into all the details of this comparison, here’s a quick overview of the points we’ll be touching on:

  • Firmness Options — Tulo is offered in multiple firmness levels, while Tuft & Needle just has the one model.
  • Feel — Both of these beds qualify as neutral feeling, but Tulo has a hint of memory foam to it.
  • Price — Tulo and Tuft & Needle are both considered affordable, but which is cheaper depends on when you buy.

Of course, we can’t squeeze all the details into a short bullet outline or even into a brief video, so read through this post for more information and follow the “See Full Review” links for in-depth breakdowns of each bed.

Tuft and Needle vs Tulo: Brief Overview Of The Beds

The bed-in-a-box industry is booming, which means it has grown to accommodate all sorts of shoppers on all sorts of budgets. Tulo and Tuft & Needle are two brands that have positioned themselves consistently on the affordable end of the price spectrum.

Although Tulo and Tuft & Needle are brands in the bed-in-a-box space, they’re actually backed by two long-time players in the mattress industry: Mattress Firm and Serta-Simmons, respectively.

Because both of these beds are foam mattresses that follow the bed-in-a-box model and land in a similar price range, it’s no wonder you’re here putting them head-to-head.



  • Those looking for firmness options
  • People who like a hint of memory foam
  • Shoppers looking to spend under $1,000

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Different Firmness Options From Tulo

While it’s common for bed-in-a-box brands to offer various mattress models (e.g. Tuft & Needle also makes the Tuft & Needle Mint and the Nod mattress), some of them make one mattress model in multiple options. Tulo is one of those brands and offers their mattress in three firmness options, so you get to choose which is best for you. It comes in Soft, Medium, and Firm, which translates to about a medium-soft, medium, and medium-firm on our scale.

tulo mattress firmness

Between the three firmness options, Tulo’s got all sleeper types covered. If you think you want a Tulo mattress, but you’re not sure which firmness option will be best for you, keep in mind that back and stomach sleepers generally need firmer beds for proper support, while side sleepers generally want something a bit softer for more pressure relief.

tulo mattress review bed in a box
Side sleepers will probably like the Soft or Medium option.

Your body type is also going to affect which firmness level you’ll find the most comfortable. The heavier you are, the softer a bed will feel. For example, someone who weighs around 180 lb may think a certain mattress is about a medium, while someone who weighs around 140 lb may find that same mattress to be closer to a medium-firm.

Tulo Mattress Feel

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to remember that a mattress’s feel is not the same thing as its firmness rating. While the two work together to create your overall mattress experience, two beds with same firmness won’t necessarily feel the same, and two beds with the same feel description won’t necessarily land in the same range on the firmness scale.

tulo mattress review edge support
Testing out the Tulo mattress

Which is why a mattress like Tulo that comes in different firmness levels is still going to have the same feel, regardless of which firmness option you choose. It’s primarily a neutral-foam feel, but with a hint of memory foam. You aren’t going to get any overwhelming sense of that sink-in feeling you often get with more traditional memory foam beds, but you will get some nice pressure relief on Tulo.

Tuft & Needle


  • Those looking for a neutral feel
  • Budget shoppers looking to spend under $1,000
  • Petite and average sized people

Price Comparison For Tulo And Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is a very popular online mattress and one of its major selling points is its price tag. More often than not, it’s the most affordable bed in the conversation. In this case, however, it actually isn’t necessarily the more affordable option.

tuft and needle mattress review stomach sleepers
Sleeping soundly on an affordable mattress.

Generally, Tuft & Needle is priced just under $600 for a queen size mattress. We don’t usually see any discounts for the original Tuft & Needle, but it’s probably worth it to check for possible discounts around major holidays and throughout the year.

With Tulo, pricing depends on the sales they’re running. Before any discounts, a queen size mattress is about $700, but we’ve actually seen the bed for under $500 once discounts are added in. You can check to see the offers they’re promoting today. They don’t always run specials, but during the big holidays (i.e. Black Friday, 4th Of July, etc.) they will typically become more aggressive with their discounts.

Tuft & Needle Has A Flat, Neutral-Foam Feel

When it comes to embodying the term “neutral-foam feel,” Tuft & Needle might take the cake.

tuft and needle mattress review edge support
We expect that most people can get comfy on Tuft & Needle

It’s just so neutral. There’s no hint of memory foam, no gel foam, no latex—nothing distinct at all. Being so plain isn’t a bad thing, though. Tuft & Needle is soft and comfortable and non-divisive, meaning it isn’t going to upset or put anyone off. It may not cater to everyone’s sleep ideal, but the vast majority of folks are going to be able to get comfortable on this bed.

tuft and needle mattress review firmness graphic

On the firmness scale, we rate Tuft & Needle as just a little bit firmer than a medium. Being in the middle of the scale allows it to appeal to a wide range of sleepers. It’s not too soft for back and stomach sleepers, but not too firm for side sleepers, so it’ll work for lots of people.

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How Shipping And Returns Work

Online shopping is super convenient for a whole host of reasons (namely, it can be done from your couch, sans pants), but when you’re looking to purchase something as big and important as a mattress, going the online route might seem a little daunting and uncertain. And that’s why these online mattress companies offer such a consumer-friendly set of policies.

The policies that come with Tulo and Tuft & Needle are nearly the same, the only difference being that Tulo’s trial period is a little longer.

With either mattress, you’ll get free shipping. The bed will be delivered to your front door in a box and all you’ll need to do is bring it inside, pull out the compressed and rolled mattress, unroll it on your bed frame, then remove the wrapping and give the bed some time to take its full shape (usually a day or two).

From there, Tulo will give you a 120-night trial period to make sure you really like the mattress, and Tuft & Needle will give you a 100-night trial. While those additional 20 nights from Tulo are nice, we honestly don’t think the shorter trial should deter you from other options because three months (and some extra) will most likely be more than enough time to make a decision on the bed.

Both companies offer free returns if you decide not to keep the mattress and are still within their trial period. If you do keep the bed, both companies offer a 10-year warranty, as well. Head over to the Tulo and Tuft & Needle websites to read up on the terms of their warranties.

How Are Tulo And Tuft & Needle Similar?

While the point of this whole post was to explain to you how these two beds are different, we admit that, well… they aren’t that different. So we thought it would be a good idea to also point out some of the areas where Tulo and Tuft & Needle have crossover.

Some of the similarities between these two beds are how well they regulate temperature and what body types they’re best for.

Both are going to sleep at a neutral temperature. Even though they’re all-foam mattresses, they don’t trap all your body heat and make you sweat through your sheets. If that’s something you experience on a Tulo or Tuft & Needle, we suggest you consult your thermostat and evaluate your pajama choices.

And then both beds will be best for small and average sized people. Heavier folks will want to look for either a hybrid with coils or a thicker, firmer foam option. If that’s your body type, you might want to take a look at our list of the best beds for heavy people.


Props to you for making it to the end of this comparison (and for doing your research). We’ll level with you—Tulo and Tuft & Needle aren’t all that different. They’re actually quite similar in terms of feel and a few other areas, so this really might come down to price. And, sorry to say, we can’t even tell you which one is going to be cheaper because it all depends on current pricing and promotions.

So, which one is more affordable when you’re ready to buy a mattress?